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So, Farewell then….

Farewell Spit, top of the south and over the Takaka Hill seems appropriate. Normal service will resume over at Mainz Daily Photo presently Advertisements

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On the left….a teatowel.

On the right, the current (and hopefully) future New Zealand flag. (I would have preferred “First to the Light” aka Red Peak, but anyway…) Richmond Mall held a straw poll – drop a glass marble into the appropriate box. I … Continue reading

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The Eastern @ The Mapua Community Hall

The Eastern is close to being my favourite band (that would be Little Feat, btw) and when they come to Nelson, nothing will keep me away. Last week, they did a charity gig for the Mapua Community Hall. Crap acoustics, … Continue reading

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Big one

A 4.62 tide does a lot. Floods the carpark in downtown Nelson. (Every time, and the council muppets don’t think to post signs warning people…) Lets you move big boats around the estuary Gives the Mapua Ferry a REALLY hard … Continue reading

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Taken with a pinch of Salt

Grant Palliser exhibition a Salt, Red’s dedicated serious art exhibition space.. Mostly diptyches. Asked if I could mix and match. Didn’t go down well…

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Breakfast of Champions

They say “Don’t give Speights to yer mates” and Tui’s only redeeming feature is their iconic advertising…… No accounting for taste….

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Who says…

…that independent bookshops are are a dying breed? Page and Blackmore in Nelson

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