“Do I get to keep it…?”


This is a cool story.

Robin, Steve Fullmer‘s wife, mailed me saying that one of Steve’s older pots was for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand’s eBay.

Put in a decent bid, got it, arrived today.

It’s quite stunning.

Steve told me its history.

He was still living in Mahana before moving to his present studio in Tasman and places the pot between 1982 and 1987.

It was fired in either a tunnel kiln (corrugated iron, plastered with clay) or a woodfired kiln stuffed with halved 44 gallon drums functioning as saggars.

The glaze is a red lead oxide, developed by Otto Natzler and given to Steve by Chris Cox, an American potter and fired between 900° and 1000°C.

The pot was half-buried in sawdust and when the glaze melted and was fluid and sticky (“like flypaper” says Steve), he’d pack a tube with what he calls his “müsli mix”*, blew it over the pots and let the kiln do its work.

*Müsli mix:

Potassium dichromate
Coarse salt
Colemanite (hydrated calcium borate hydroxide)
Gerstley borate

And this is its new home


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1 Response to “Do I get to keep it…?”

  1. Very colourful! I know a lot of work goes into that…and it’s beyond my skills!

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