I don’t think so..

This was the morning after a day and a half of 90+ km/h winds and 140 litres of rain per square metre.

Since then, the estuary’s been dotted with up-country driftwood and other objects of interest (round hay bales, stranded on a sandbank, small cars..), that drift in and out until they end up on the shore or head out to sea.

(Although. Some young idiots with a 9 month old baby had to be hauled out of the floodwaters of the Waimea river – “Thought we’d ga’n’avalook, eh”)

In the UK, they’d be screaming “Loch Ness monster!!!!”

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2 Responses to Waterskiing?

  1. Ship us some of that, will you? El nino’s a bust.

  2. That’s a lot of rain!

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