The Todds


Back behind he speedway track at the bottom end of Lower Queen Street  was one of Richmond’s best-kept secrets.

People would say “If you want really good veges, go and see the Todds”

Couple of older guys who used to be beef farmers and decided to take it easy and grow vegetables and sell them from a stand with an honesty box inside their farm gate.

You couldn’t be sure of getting everything you needed, but when one of the Messrs odd who turn up on his quad to replenish, you know you couldn’t get it fresher.

They used to grow specialist vegetables (yellow beetroot and similar) to order for Matt Boutery, who at the time owned and operated one of the region’s best restaurant.

“This young chap with a restaurant asked us to put some in” said one of the Todds.

Theye decided to take it even easier a year ago.

This is the sign on their gate

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2 Responses to The Todds

  1. Sweet, and a little sad.

  2. All good things come to an end.

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