Last seen drifting towards Sydney….


Wharf-jumping at Mapua has cult status around here, but I’ve never seen anything like this – non-synchronised group jumping.

Eavesdropped on the instructions prior to the event – everyone jumps, everyone has a number, jump when your number’s called, there’s a boat out there to collect us. Any questions?

Littlie pipes up “Have fun!”

So the leader jumps in, the others follow lemming-like in sequence (and it was a BIIIIG drop today – a good 5 metres, given that there was a 4 metre differential between high and low tides tonight), a wide range of marks for style (or lack of same..) and they all drifted with the outgoing tide towards the Western Entrance.

Hope they had their passports with them….IMG_0296


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2 Responses to Last seen drifting towards Sydney….

  1. Kate Mura says:

    Obviously the Olympics need another category so these daring young folks can compete.

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