Concert at the Golden Bear brewery on Friday night.

More people than you could shake a stick out, heaps of out-of-towners.

Take a character (who normally drinks at the slightly less salubrious “Swell” bar on Mapua wharf), give him a free t-shirt, all the beer he can drink and tell him to ask people (nicely) not to venture beyond the limits defined by this sign


Which he does with remarkable retraint and decorum

All down to stupid licensing laws, of course.

The Tasman District Council has developed the (very flash) Shed 4 retail complex and renamed the wharf area the “Mapua Precinct” with petty rules and the usual excessive signage.


So if I can take my fish and chips to the Golden Bear brewery, why can’t I take my beer to the Nature Smoke fish and chip takeaway…?

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3 Responses to Bouncer

  1. Good name for a brewery.

  2. Kate says:

    A concert with no beer!!?? Blasphemy. How do they feel about pot?

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