Monthly Theme Day – February 2016 – Scene from a coffee house


we’re spoilt for choice here in NotNelson.

Or New Zealand, for that matter.

It’s difficult to get a bad coffee anywhere (except at the Pelorus Bridge café on the way to Blenheim, but that’s run by a Government department, so you can’t expect too much) and mostly it’s excellent.

In fact, I’ll probably offend my regular haunts (Lydia’s and Cafe on Oxford in Richmond, Coffee in a Paddock on the way to Rabbit Island and Alberta’s on Mapua wharf and Red Gallery in Nelson), but I have to to give Claris Jones -White and “7010” a shout-out.

Not because it’s new, but because of this:

The Nelson Mail ran a feature on her – local girl, only 27, been in the coffee business in Mexico, New York and South Africa and figured that she had to do the same in her hometown.

Took over a gallery space on the outskirts of town on the river , named it after Nelson’s postal code and we happened to check her out on the Saturday before she officially opened.

Place was rocking, ordered a single espresso (and they actually know what that is – it’s either a “short black” or something else obscure…) and sat watching the action.

Claris comes flying over in a while, apologises that it’s taken so long (it hasn’t..), gives us a couple of treats for free, gets Ms jb a glass of water and brings to second half of a doppio “because I cut it and you might as well have it”

Fast forward to last Saturday.

Front up to the bar, Claris beams “Hi you two!” and tells the barista to give us 4 stamps on our loyalty card – 2 for this week and 2 for last week.

Can’t beat it….

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4 Responses to Monthly Theme Day – February 2016 – Scene from a coffee house

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful young woman who knows how to please a customer, two whom I suppose will undoubtedly become loyal and satisfied customers.

  2. Sounds like you’ve enjoyed the new place!

  3. That beautiful young and obviously multi-talented woman knows how to make her guests feel welcome and “at home” at her place! Beautiful photographs, liked the story too.
    Thank you for taking part in this month’s theme,

  4. What a great place. Your photograph is lovely.

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