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Bungoo in the jungoo

Or- Estuary English is alive and well in New Zealand. Technically, it’s the vocalization of preconsonantal/final /l/, perhaps with various vowel mergers before it. As in miwk-bottoo ‘milk-bottle’. Can’t get away from it – even the ger-oo on Radio New … Continue reading

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Appears to work

Product AND advertising. Seen at (where else…?) the Motueka Market.

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Icecream disappears into black sunhat

Alberta’s on Mapua Wharf.

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I do have a dog and a cat,though…

The Upper Moutere General Store noticeboard is a wonderful source of human interest stories.  

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Mapua Regional Airport

Significant earthworks going on up over the valley. My bet is a new regional airport. It’s nicely aligned with the prevailing northwesterlies, clear approach and departure routes  with no significant obstructions and a control tower appears to be in the … Continue reading

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… a childrens’ hospital in Auckland. Mrs Greig on Westdale Road has a roadside stand, selling cut flowers, native grasses and seedlings and herbs. Figs in season for $5 a bag. All the proceeds go to Starship And any excess … Continue reading

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The best…

Stumbled over a new whitebait fritter stand at the Sunday Mot Market. Normally buy mine from Carl, but I thought I’d give them a try. “They’s better be as good as Carl’s” I said. “They will be” said Gina ” … Continue reading

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