The guy up the road had the mower in the other day.

Massive thing, about 10 metres width, and he was finished in a flash.

Whether he was playing the Good Samurai, filling in time or didn’t know what  belongs to whom (given the lack of fences), he continued and bowled a good-sized patch of Patrick’s meadow.

Who was observing, bemused, from a distance.

I offered to nip down on my bike and ask the mower to return it to its original condition, but we then thought it through.

We’ll wait until it’s all neatly baled up and nip down, say ” Ta very much for your generosity” and drag it all home….

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2 Responses to Oooooops

  1. Whether he meant to mow it or not, that’s a hell of a photo.

  2. Annika says:

    Hey John,
    Greetings from Anneliese, Andi, Thekla and Annika. We just enjoyed some cheese(!)cake together.
    Have a nice time 🙂

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