The Behemoth cometh….


This is a classic Tasman District Council story.

TDC required Patrick to put in an 8m turning circle at the end of the drive.

Which he did.

And also planted it with native flax.

On the road reserve.

Which you’re not meant to do.

Even if it creates a “positive visual amenity” in TDC-Speak

TDC’s waste managment contractor now has a new truck


I think that they can drive around for a week without emptying it.

Except its turning circle is somewhat more that 8 metres.

And the contract timing is so tight that the driver doesn’t have anything spare to do a 3-point turn.

TDC sent out an engineer.

Next day they sent out 2 engineers.

The Behemoth (driver plus another 2 engineers) turned up at stupid o’clock this morning to shave away a tree and chunks of paddock.

They’re still there

At $150 an hour (plus machine time), they could have bought the truck driver the minute a week he needs for a 3 point turn for the next 20 years.

And knowing TDC, this is what will happen next:

They’ll buy a BIGGER truck (with which they can drive around for a MONTH without emptying…) and they’ll be back.

“That cottage there is in the way. It’ll have to go”…..

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