New kid in town


This bridgedecker turned up in the Mapua channel a couple of days ago.

Patrick perused her through his telescope and reckoned that she wasn’t there yesterday.

Sent a poor (grey day, iPhone from a distance) image to my friend Alan Houghton, proprietor of the ever-excellent blog, and today persuaded Andrew Schwass, the pilot of the Mapua ferry, to do a close circuit around her on the 12:00 (-ish, tghs being Mapua…) sailing to Rabbit  Island.

His horde of followers include cognoscenti who have identified her as Katoa, berthed in Taupo 60 years ago and as having been at Great Barrier in 2000.

I’ve tracked down the owner.

More follows

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1 Response to New kid in town

  1. It looks like a good working boat.

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