Thanks, Cam!


Out here in Not Nelson, we’re rich in weeds, clay soil and birds and poverty-stricken when it comes to water.

We’ve got a 23,000 litre tank for the fire brigade to tap into (and for the few cubic metres a month for personal use), but he garden gets what comes down from above and from the 5 cubic metre rainharvets tank behind the garage.

Sowing a lawn is tricky.

Tried last year (during a drought….) and we’re expecting the same again this summer.

Along comes my friend Cameron with the concept he and Maria used to turn a paddock into a lush garden that horticultural groups queue up to visit.

“Buy some weedmat, sow your lawn, water it well, cover it with weedmat, lift and water every couple of days and you’l be good” he said

And repeat weekly.

Mind you, being an airline pilot, he’s got heaps up time to come up with ideas like this.

Hardly ever works and when he DOES, it’s only pushing buttons…

Did I hear someone mutter “Bloody management…!”?



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1 Response to Thanks, Cam!

  1. That’s the first I’ve heard of this concept.

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