My Sunday: Part 3


Now, I have to say up front that Robin Fullmer makes the best whitebait fritters in the universe.

But she doesn’t make them every week.

Which is what Carl does at the Motueka market.

Every Sunday.

He rocks up in his tiny caravan, fires up the gar burner under his 2 oven baking tins and does anything that you want that fits between 2 slices of bread.

But mostly whitebait fritters.

1 cup of batter mix, then another half on top and maybe a tad more.

Slices of lemon on the counter.

Salt and pepper.

8 bucks.

Walk across the market to envious gazes….

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4 Responses to My Sunday: Part 3

  1. I had to look up what whitebait is… a bit of an aversion to seafood on my part, so I’d be looking for something else between the bread!

  2. Kate says:

    I wonder if whitebait is close to our smelt that runs in the spring (I think). Looks tasty to me. Am looking at the towns around Nelson and found Motueka. Appears that the area looks a bit like a cove.

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