Best foot forward


Nelson hosted the 2015 New Zealand Pipe Band Championships last week, with entrants from all over New Zealand and some even venturing across the Tasman from Australia.

These weren’t the winners (Christchurch Caldonian came top, for whom our friend Cameron used to play), but this lot was very smartly turned out and all in step, no less.

Let’s just hope the judges have their registration, driver licences and Warrants of Fitmess up to date, because putting the NZ Police in 4th place could cause some severe striking down with great vengeance and furious anger

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3 Responses to Best foot forward

  1. That kind of music I love to hear. For some strange reason, not everyone enjoys the pipes.

  2. MegWeaves says:

    Fantastic! Glad you went.

  3. Steffe says:

    There’s a bag pipe festival in Haninge soon. I guess I should drop by. Nice perspective here.

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