The good oil


John and Helen Dunlop own and operate Kakariki Olives in Redwood Valley and you’ll find them at the Saturday Nelson market, offering tastings and selling their excellent extra virgin olive oil.

We’ve known them for ages and a day – really nice people – and they were a huge help a couple of years ago when my friend Prof and I were developing a case study for the Pforzheim (Germany) University Business School, based on a business model for developing and operating an olive grove.

They were both very generous with their time and experience, validating our assumptions and providing detailed input.

Turned out so well that it’s been adopted as a course paper at the university and translated into multiple languages, as well as being selected for presentation and publication at the 2014 WACRA conference.

Not bad, even if we do say so ourselves…

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2 Responses to The good oil

  1. A good portrait, and a good product.

  2. paul says:

    Thanks for the sample, jb – a fine oil, and nice to see the growers here. Your case study could become a template for business applicants.

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