Pommes, rot-weiss…


(pommes frites – aka chups in Nyazilnd – with tomato sauce and mayonnaise) .. belong to an exclusive group of German culinary achievements, including such delicacies  as Currywurst (grilled sausage smothered in a tomato-curry sauce) and Schniposa (Schnitzel, pommes frites and salad)

I didn’t think I was at a significant risk of exposure until last week.

On the recommendation of Robin Fullmer, source of all things wonderful and interesting, we rocked over to Victory Fish and Chips in Victory Square, a hardscrabble, gritty part of town, and got chatting to the very pleasant lady (Maila) who tok our order for 5 blue cod and 2 scoops of chups (we were feeding Cousin Shirl and Tony as repayment for watching the cricket on Sky Sport…).

Told her about NTNDP and asked her to get the crew up front for a photo op.

“Ekkehard” she called “Could you come up front please..?”


Now if THAT’S not a German name, my name isn’t Adolf.

“Auch DAS noch….” I said (“That’s ALL we need….”)

“I’m very sorry” he said with a grin. (Turns out they- he German, she Kiwi -used to live in Göttingen, where he was afarmer)

Chups were getting soggy, so we shot through.

Plenty of time to catch up next time.

Today, for example.

Maybe they’ll have Leberkäse on the menu…..

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2 Responses to Pommes, rot-weiss…

  1. The schnitzel type sounds good to me.

    Here in Canada we’ve got poutine- fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

  2. The schnitzel type sounds appealing.

    Here in Canada we have poutine- fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

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