Meg lays down the law….


The cool thing about spending months (rather than weeks..) down here is the chance for multiple meetings with Meg and Ben.

This time in the (relocated due to major renovations/redevelopment) of the cafe of the Suter Art Gallery.

During which we found out that Meg has read more Hermann Hesse, Erich Kästner and Goethe than most Germans and I was able to skite about my knowledge of defensive structures around 18th and 19th C German cities.

This series of encounters could be never-ending.

Even if she does disparagingly refer to us as “out-of-town”visitors.

(If she doesn’t watch out, I’ll confiscate her car keys

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2 Responses to Meg lays down the law….

  1. MegWeaves says:

    You’re from Tasman. That’s outside Nelson, Mate. 🙂

  2. It sounds as if you get along well enough… even if you are from out of town!

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