Last orders……

The locked front door of  Wyperserfontein, a derelict 19thC building on Neudorf Rd.

Originally a roadside inn set up by Franz Seiboth to service the goldminers heading for the Baton, it was bought by William and Hannah Perry and used as a dwelling. 

Originally named the Plough, it got the curious name of Wyperserfontein quite by accident. A parcel arrived one day from England addressed to Mrs Perry c/- Mendory, Wyperserfontein, Nelson. A South African word meaning wine press fountain, it so amused the Perrys they hung out a name plate and it has remained ever since. 

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3 Responses to Last orders……

  1. paul says:

    Nice detail shot of a derelict door. Did you look for or find the geocache?

  2. Julie says:

    This could have made a good entry in our Theme this coming Sunday. I like aged wood; aged anything, really.

  3. The lock looks relatively new, though the chain looks like it’s been in use for years.

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