A tale of 2 haircuts


Over at the Golden Bear Brewery on Mapua wharf with Cam & Maria for a  couple of beers, a feed and a  free concert, Ms jb spied a lady on the other side of the car park and said ” I like her hair do – can you go and take her photograph?”, such requests delivered in a tone that excludes the “can you”.

Rock on over, explain the situation, take her (Gayle’s)  photograph upon which she rocks over to meet Ms jb, determines that she and Maria used to prune grapevines together and they all start chatting 20 to the dozen, leaving Cam & I to enjoy ourselves.

An appointment with Rob at Zinc in Nelson (having provided photographic evidence of the desired effect via email) and a few days later, we’re at the Rabbit Island Coffee Company when …

“Hello, I LOVE your hair do…”

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2 Responses to A tale of 2 haircuts

  1. Definitely quite a similar do!

  2. paul says:

    Glad to hear that you get time off work in the garden: to broker haircuts, not to mention quality control of your local brewers.

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