Bloody freedom campers


Freedom camping’s a bit of plague in New Zealand.

Young tourists – Germans mostly, by all accounts…- buy a clapped-out camper van or station wagon afor next to nothing nd head off into the nature.

You can stay in camping grounds (toilets, showers, cooking facilities…) here for next to nothing, but these buggers are a bunch of cheapskates and flock around municipal carparks, messing the place up and crapping in the bushes.

Couldn’t believe it when one of their vans turned up in our driveway last night.

Hooked up to the power supply, ploughed through a couple of litres of decent beer and wine and even turned up this morning for breakfast.


Oh, it’s Matthias and Beate from Munich…..?

Thought they looked familiar…

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4 Responses to Bloody freedom campers

  1. gerald says:

    hahahhhahahha – love it rascal

  2. Peter says:

    Ahh I hate that – we had some freeloaders from Switzerland so something similar last week – shall I send them to your place next?
    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo – Australia

  3. Kate Mura says:

    Your friends have a pretty spiffy lookin’ freedom camper. Regarding the others you describe, where are the gun-totin’ sheriffs when you need them?

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