It’s only a hill, get over it.


Takaka (population: 1149) is the de facto capital of Golden Bay on the other side of the Takaka Hill from here.

You can get there by boat from Kaiteriteri.

Or you can take SH 60

Which goes up.

And then down.

791 metres up and 791 metres down.

That’s it in the background/

Golden Bay was discovered by Abel Tasman, a Dutch  navigator, who anchored 7km offshore in 1642, miffing the local iwi who rammed his boat with their canoes and killed 4 of his sailors, leading him to name it Moordenaar’s Bay – Murder’s Bay.

Which isn’t a particularly auspicious name if you’re trying to attract folk to the district, so the lcal real estate people of the era renamed it Golden Bay.

Didn’t save this place, though…..

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3 Responses to It’s only a hill, get over it.

  1. Quite an impressive hill!

  2. prhnz says:

    A fine example of dilapidation in the foreground. Love Golden Bay!

  3. very interesting story

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