The Adirondack interview


John Hurley was a tobacco farmer, mayor of Tasman for 3 terms, he collects and restores old cars and makes Adirondack chairs in his spare time.

We bought 2 for the cottage in March and drove over to Wakefield to order 2 more (I got tired of being relegated to sitting in the deck when folks visited…)

He popped over the other day with his wife Catherine to deliver the finished article (THREE DAYS later – “If anyone’s bought chairs before, they go to the head of the queue), one in Rabbit Island Coffee Company turquoise and the other in pale blue-grey.

I know that politicians can talk, but John gives them all a run for their money.

But it’s not the usual wuggawugga – he can tell you how Kina peninsula was subdivided over the objections of the council (form a company, transfer the land to it and sell shares that give shareholders a 100 year lease…), why there’s more gorse on one side of the Motueka River Valley than the other (one of the brothers stole the gorse seed) and how he came to be 1/8 Maori (Here’s his mum’s story – he’s the younger son referred to in the story)

“Folks in this road seem to like my chairs” he said  “I’ve just sold 4 to the young chappy up on the hill” .

Into whose living room we can see and – who more to the point – can see into our bathroom.

I reckon he’s had the binoculars on us…..

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2 Responses to The Adirondack interview

  1. John and Catherine look like real characters. In Canada we call those chairs Muskoka chairs, but it’s the same thing. I’ve always liked them.

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