The turning tide



Tide tables belong in pretty much every household around here.

Otherwise, how are you going to know when to go swimming/walking on the beach/fishing/put your boat on the hard?

Add 19 minutes to these (Nelson) numbers and you’ve got the tides for Mapua. (big ones on Thursday and Friday…)

And if you’re on the wharf at exactly low or high tide, you’ll see the dance being performed by Patrick’s “Lily” and her 2 companions as their sterns gracefully swing around to point the bow against the new direction of the tide.

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1 Response to The turning tide

  1. I remember seeing tidal charts when I’ve visited the Bay of Fundy on the East Coast- the largest tidal differences in the world, apparently, and the hours are marked carefully. Quite a difference between low and high tide. Those boats need to be built to deal with it.

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