The new “new bach”


Once upon a time, this cottage stood on Bert and Margaret Miller’s  orchard on Westdale Road as accommodation for seasonal apple-pickers and was known as the “new bach” to differentiate it from … er… the old bach.

At some stage, it drifted down Hoddy Road and found itself stranded on the headland overlooking the estuary.

This is what it looked like when we came into its life.DSC_1986

A bit neglected and in desperate need of some TLC, which – together withour friends and partners Christine and Patrick – we’ve given it over the past couple of years.

I recently got a mail from Bert and Margaret’s daughter, Alison, who had seen the renaissance of her old haunt – she celebrated her 18th birthday there, at a guess somewhere around the turn of the millennium – when visiting her parents and asking if she could call in on her next visit.

Which she did last week, together with her husband Mark and daughter Isobel, pictured standing in almost the exact spot of the “before” photo.D7K_6416 D7K_6411

This place has a provenance worth investigating and documenting. One story – written by Isobel in 2003 at age 12 – is up for serialisation here over the next few weeks.


Hang on.

If Alison was 18 in 2000 and isobel was born in 1991, she would have had Isobel when she was….?


Can’t be.

So she must be at least mumble mumble?

Sure as hell doesn’t look it….

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3 Responses to The new “new bach”

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  3. Kate says:

    Very good looking family.

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