Moules marinière, anyone…?


Paladin, Ricky’s newest acquisition, displaces 3.6 tonnes if you can believe the plate in the cabin.

Mark (of the peg leg) reckons it weighed in at twice that at the mooring – a tonne of water in the bilges and a good 2 tonnes of mussels attached to the hull.

So Dennis (who started the smoked fish shop at Mapua wharf years ago) went out in his dinghy and scraped off as far as he could below the waterline and Ricky finished the job at the bottom of the road before Patrick towed Paladin onto dry land with his bulldozer.

I mentioned that what we really needed was some white wine, garlic and herbs.

“Sounds like a feed to me, John” said Ricky….

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2 Responses to Moules marinière, anyone…?

  1. Donna says:

    I know this boat from a previous owner Fred, a wrought iron stove is in the keel. This boat was my home for 6 weeks sailing from Picton to Whangeraii in 1978-79

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