No hiding place.


Every household in Tasman District gets a Blue Box in to which go bottles, plastic, paper and cardboard for recycling.

You put it at the end of the drive once a week.

Not EVERY type of plastic, of course.

Only the ones with a barely legible recycling symbol of the right kind.

Put in the WRONG kind and the sanitation workers rubbies will sort it out for you and leave it lying around.

Do it more than once and a council officer will personally front up and give you a good scolding.

So I’m told.

It also forces people to either face up to their addictions or out themselves as wowsers.

No lid on the box of course, so when you go on your morning run, you see who drinks cheap beer or which savvie’s on special at Pak’n’Save.

And who only drinks milk and mineral water.

Those  are the folk whose invitations one politely declines…

This isn’t our Blue Box, of course.

And if it were, it would only be because we’ve been entertaining a lot, given its being the festive season

And we probably hadn’t put it out for AT LEAST 2 months.

And most of the bottles would have been retrieved from the wilderness….

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