PDIR Syndrome


The Met Service forecasts are no good for us out here on the peninsula.

They forecast 22•C for Nelson airport, we have 26•C.

They forecast 11mm of rain for Nelson and Richmond and we get …nothing.

We can see it all happening at the other end of the estuary.

Clouds build up, they wander backwards and forwards RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and we get…. nothing.

And halfway along the Appleby Straight, it’ll start raining so hard that you have to pull over because you can’t see a thing.

Get to Richmond and it’s knee deep in water there are big puddles all over.

It’s commonly known as the PDIR Syndrom – Pissing Down in Richmond Syndrome.

Good thing we harvest roof water for the garden….

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1 Response to PDIR Syndrome

  1. not a drop here, as well.

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