It all started here….


My (admittedly sporadic) involvement in the City Daily Photo community started hrough Meg and Ben Nakagawa who have been running Nelson Daily Photo since around the middle of the Meiji era.

We’ve met often in Nelson over the past 8 years or so and it was treat to have them over for high tide and a glass of wine the other day.

“We’re so looking forward to seeing your European ceramics” said Meg (who has a profound knowledge about pretty much everything, but especially the history of the Japanese ceramics and who gets on with Ms jb like kataku no hito ).

This is the one that captivated them – a salt-glazed pestel and mortar by Birke Kästner, a potter from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (in what used to be East Germany) and someone we rate highly.

It was fascinating to see how they interpreted it – the haptic differences between the internal and external  sides of the bowl and the interaction of the flaming and the salt deposits.

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2 Responses to It all started here….

  1. Julie says:

    mmm … do we have to complete the post ourselves … I will throw three dice … one displays the word nut … one the word metal … and, the last, the word spout … personally, I am partial to hands, and these are beauties.

  2. MegWeaves says:

    Since Meiji sounds about right – our joints sounds the same. I don’t know much about ceramics, really, except in Japan one is so immersed in them, more than textiles and we really liked the piece. Although I find it interested that you, too, see different pieces attractive here and in the Northern hemisphere. Now I must go back to my blog post I started the evening we saw you. Thank you for the lovely, lovely time.

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