An afternoon’s entertainment

Someone in Mapua gave (for a box of beer) our friend Ricky a yacht in much need of TLC

“Can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, John” he said

Especially when it’s “Paladin”, an H28 Herreshof design previously owned by Adrian Hayter, an iconic New Zealand sailor and local boy

High tide was at 14:00, she set off from the Mapua moorings at 13:00, snuggled up to the starboard of Patrick Maisey’s “Lily”.

Which draws about 20cm less than Paladin.

At 13:15 – right in front of our place – these 20cm became significant as the northerly and the incoming tide pushed them inexorably towards the side of the channel.

After much advice from the support flotilla, manoevering, churning of Waimea Estuary mud and less-than-mild language (sound does carry around these parts…,) they were  away at 13:30 to the satisfaction of the gathering crowd which included (on our deck) cousin Shirl and Tony and Mapua Boat Club president Annette Walker and (down at the estuary) Mark and his dog, a guy I know from the pub (but whose name I forget) and a guy I didn’t know, but who knew me.

Ms jb told Ricky that if she’d known that he and Patrick were going to stop for a picnic, she would have rowed over with some pav….

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5 Responses to An afternoon’s entertainment

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  3. Donna says:

    Does anyone know a previous owner of Paladin Frederick Smith, if so say hi. I sailed with him to Wangerai aboard Paladin in1979. Lovely to see the boat is there still. Enjoy. See you later. Thanks for putting the photo up. I have one somewhere I could share later

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