Pottering About is an art experience cafe on Buxton Square in Nelson, where you can decorate pre-thrown pots and have them fired.

Or just have a cup of coffee.

The folks who run it came over from Scotland and were royally screwed by an (now ex) immigration advisor, who told them that if they ran a business for 2 years, they’d get residency.

Turns out that they had to turn a significant PROFIT within 2 years (which they found out only after he’d declared bankruptcy and kept their $26k fees..) and some pencil pusher from Immigration NZ gave them 6 months to leave.

The Nelson Mail picked up the story, they organised a petition (yep, I signed, along with 1499 others) and the local MP got in on the act, resulting in a reversal of the decision.


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One Response to Success!

  1. Hilda says:

    I’m so glad this story has a good ending. I hope it becomes even better for the shop owners and the community.

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