Nelson has more craft breweries per head of the population than anywhere else in the country – 16.6% of New Zealand’s breweries serving just 2.25% of the country’s population.

Reason enough to celebrate.

Enter Marchfest, an annual craft brewing and live music event run by a friend, Eelco Boswijk.

Tickets are expensive enough to keep out the boozers, live music’s phenomenal, food’s top rate, with stands ranging from Sri Lankan to Mr Ninja’s  teriyaki burgers, woodfired pizze, Hungarian, German, Mexican and Belgian waffles.

Although Patrick bemoaned the absence of the Jamaican people this year..

16 beers brewed especially for the day by local breweries, mostly in the 4-5% ABV range with only 1 vaguely silly 8%-er and all served by a really nice bunch of volunteers to a crowd of 3500

You could buy a taste, a half or a full pint and – despite a few glazey eyes towards the end of the evening – there was no drunkenness, no fighting, no hoonish behaviour.

Just a bunch of people who enjoy good stuff having a good time.

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