The things you find…


John Hurley is an old-ish guy who lives in Wakefield, south of Nelson and makes Adirondack chairs.

We saw one at Rabbit Island Coffee’s Coffee in a Paddock the other week and rocked on down to order a couple for the deck.

Very old-fashioned in his speech (“Now, would you want a footstool to be going with one of those? The womenfolk [WOMENFOLK…!] tend to like a footstool”), he has someone cut the components after he had a minor misunderstanding with a band-saw and assembles them in his basement workshop.

Next to a 1914 Unic.

He must have heard the thud as my chin hit the floor, so he got out the car’s photo album.

Its provenance is fairly vague until its appearance from a ditch in Canterbury many years ago.

It’s been less of a restoration than a “Phoenix arising from the ashes”, with the starting point being a front axle, a rear axle, a frame and an engine, but it’s very much a showstopper these days.

Here’s the history


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