Buckets: $1. Wheelbarrows provided.

IMG_6602 IMG_6601

PYO at 185 (in Hope) should be your first port of call for fresh fruit and veges.

Straight out of the fields and into utilitarian box constructions, get what you want (tomatoes by the bucket or a single red onion…) and queue up to pay.

And what I really like… they opened a new till while we were waiting and someone peeled off the back of our queue and headed off like a homing pigeon, elbows working like a blur.

“I’m very sorry” the PYO at 185 lady said ” These people were here before you. You’ll have to wait your turn”, leaving the offender (female, probably Pom) to skulk around under the blaze of withering looks until she slunk away without buying anything….

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