I pie, with my little eye……


…something beginning with “P”.

The Pie Hole is an incipient chain of 2 stores in LA and Pasadena, focusing on New Zealand’s culinary icon.

The pie.

In Pasadena, they’re right next door to the-once-wonderful-but-now-unfortunately-very-naff-in-an- idon’tgiveashit -way Intelligentsia Coffee and what an excellent outfit they are.

I got talking to Edmund, one of the managers, and gave him the lowdown on pie culture in NZ i.e. 40 pies per annum per head of population (which includes the toothless at both ends of the Bell Curve…) and eyes started popping as I extolled the virtues of steak and cheese, Thai chicken curry and bacon and egg.

They do an adventurous macaroni and cheese, but I reckoned that something Mexican or New Orleans-ish would go viral.

Look forward to trying a carne asada pie next time I’m there….

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