On buying eggs….


You can, of course, buy eggs at New World/Countdown/Fresh Choice, but we prefer the lady on the Wednesday market in Nelson or Moutere Gold in what used to be the Post Office in Upper Moutere.

This is what happens when you turn up and they’ve run out:

“Well, the lady at the garage across the road sells hers. And if SHE doesn’t have any, you can drive up Kelling Road, they have some in the letterbox”

And then another customer says “Katie (Gold, clay artist) and Owen (Bartlett, potter, who live across the road) are away – you can go and get some from them”

“Been there this morning” says Sue “Only 5 and they’re gone”

While this is going on, I’m looking at a fruit cake in the display.

“That’ll be at least $20” says Sue from behind the counter, handing it to me for a closer look.

“$52, actually, Sue”

“PUT IT BACK” she says “That’s MUCH too expensive”

“Guess you don’t sell many, then…”

“Not at THAT price we don’t….”

The lady in the petrol station had 6 eggs for us, though, and she’d even sell them to us…


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