“Does anyone here drink European wines?”


Er, yes…..

Fresh Choice, the locally owned and operated supermarket in Richmond, has 0ne of the best wine and craft beer departments I’ve seen.

Started by David Brown, it’s now run by Raymond who has taken it to a whole new level with in-house tastings and evening events in cooperation with the excellent Café on Oxford.

The other week, they had Misha Taylor, a Motueka boy who now co-runs Procure Liquor, a wine importer in Auckland, presenting a range of (mostly) European wines to the Fresh Choice wine club.

Which we joined for $20 each for the evening.

$20 normally doesn’t buy you much in NZ, but we got to try 6 wines (as often as you wanted) and 4 tapas from the café’s kitchen to match the wines.

Viz: Prawn and chorizo kebab with smoked paprika aioli, rosemary foccacio with grapes and honey, steak au poivre with frites and lamb ragout on fresh pasta.

Misha’s mission for the evening was obviously to flog as much vino as possible, and the prices (“…but wait, there’s more! Order in the next 10 minutes and you’ll save $5 a bottle…”) were definitely attractive.

I could get quite used to this…..


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