Half empty? Half full….?


The 180 degree estuary views of our place in NotNelson are fascinating.

Forgetting the ever-changing shapes, light and textures of the ebb and flow of the tide as is creeps out of the channels towards the bluff we’re on, there’s also the bird-life.

There’s the hawk that patrols the foreshore right in front of us, sending the quail family (mum,dad, 7 youngsters who are growing by the day) scuttling for cover, the kingfisher on a dead branch of the totara tree, 2 fantails that flit in and out of the eaves of the veranda, harvesting spiders and insects that didn’t end up in the webs, herons in field by the pond down the hill to the west and the tui in the flax on the pond to the east.

Then there’s the estuary.

Plovers (which are as noisy as heck), oyster catchers, godwits (which are now on the way to China or Alaska) and spoonbills.

And seagulls.

Lots of seagulls.

Never  dull moment….


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