Paula’s Plate


Paula Saengthian-Ngam was runner-up in a MasterChef competition in New Zealand.

She’d never run a restaurant, but that didn’t stop her and her sister Jo from taking over the old Pomeroy’s building on Hardy Street and opening Paula’s Plate.

And being a worthy successor to Nicola’s Cantina (which has sadly gone to periscope depth) at Edito‘s showroom in Vanguard Street.

Terrific, simple Pacific Rim cuisine.

Nice lady, too.

Even let me take her photograph….


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2 Responses to Paula’s Plate

  1. MegWeaves says:

    Envious, envious, envious. Ben shouted when you put this one up a while back. We keep meaning to go but haven’t! Maybe in the winter as a reward for my vigorous, enthusiastic, energetic gardening!!

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