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“Does anyone here drink European wines?”

Er, yes….. Fresh Choice, the locally owned and operated supermarket in Richmond, has 0ne of the best wine and craft beer departments I’ve seen. Started by David Brown, it’s now run by Raymond who has taken it to a whole … Continue reading

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Eat fush and chups on Mapua Wharf at your peril….

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Half empty? Half full….?

The 180 degree estuary views of our place in NotNelson are fascinating. Forgetting the ever-changing shapes, light and textures of the ebb and flow of the tide as is creeps out of the channels towards the bluff we’re on, there’s … Continue reading

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Kina Beach

6 km walk, met 2 people

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The big storm the other week did some serious marine wildlife damage. Kina beach the following day was covered with kina shells and enough biggish gurnard to make up a decent catch. Plus starfish or bits thereof…

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Back to front

The reception committee at Nelson airport 5 weeks ago. Pretty much the usual suspects – Maria and Cameron (left and right) (Ms jb) and Robin Fullmer. Too cool

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The submarine

What could well be a piece of modern sculpture is, in fact, an abandoned attempt to build a submarine by one of the more colourful locals. The guy was evidently a bit of a dope fiend and when he wasn’t … Continue reading

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