Lead, kindly light…..

For someone who’s not really into Christmas crap, I find these quite tasteful..

Also cheap.


They weren’t cheap?

No surprises there…

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Bloody southwesterly…….

The Provence has the Mistral, someone else has the Chinook and someone elser has the Santa Ana.


Comes howling over the Moutere, down over the Waimea estuary and then up the slope.

To us.

If you don’t have your hat stapled to your skull, it’s in Richmond in about 3 minutes.

Sets the chimney off like a demented organ pipe.

Blows boxes of screws off the shelf in the garage.

Now we just need a northeasterly to bend the olives back into shape…..

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Cutting a new orbit


Steve Fullmer is an American potter who lives in Tasman, just up the track from here.

Known him for ages and a day and he’s a pretty cool dude.

The Suter Gallery in Nelson is honouring him with a retrospective of his sculptural work spanning 40 years.

There’s a selection below, but for the real deal visit his very, very excellent website at www.stevefullmer.com


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Arrived to find that lodgers have settled in.

Not sure about the rent – they’ve made multiple deposits, though…

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Here we are then…

Fish and chips and a pint of Fortress from the Golden Bear…

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From Siam with love

Met Panida Rintanalert, the lady who owned this delightful store in Bangkok, sometime in the early 90s.

Modern styles in women’s clothing with a strong traditional influence and exclusively in silk, cotton and linen, mostly hand-woven.

The French ambassador’s wife is a customer.

She put her nieces and nephews through university in Australia and handed over the reins to her niece Yin Lertsuranont a few years back.

So it’s always a treat to pop in to catch up and especially cool to get to hit the town with Yin and her sister Lian the other night. (They’re quite delightful, btw..)

Ending up in the renowned Mont Nomsod milk bar which the late king used to frequent.

Not sure if he went for the hot green tea with sweetened milk, the butterfly pea milk with lime (changes colour according to the ph value…) or the steamed bread with butter and corn.

All very……..interesting….

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Hanging out with Santa

Young friend Yin pointed me in the direction of the Central Embassy mall, built on the grounds of the old British Embassy on Wireless Rd.

Pretty flash joint with Pucci and Grada or whatever they’re called, but not a patch on the Richmond Mall.

Let’s face it – a mall’s not a mall without a Pak’n’Save….

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