Cross the Motueka river in a westerly direction and stuff starts getting weird.

Not as weird as Golden Bay, but this seating area at the Ginger Dynamite cafe in Riwaka is like entering a time machine.

We used to have a TV like that.


Black and white….

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More Morris Dancers….

….than you can shake whack a stick at….

Entertainment at the Moutere Inn

After which they retired to the bar after teaching us the promised 500 year old moves.

I wouldn’t say that some of them were around when it was first invented, but poussins de printemps they definitely weren’t…

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I have indeed been referred to thus.


But I don’t mind the comparison with these exquisite culinary objects – mussel pies from the capital of the Green-shell Mussel universe, Havelock, on the road to Blenheim

Pop them in the chilly-bin, freeze until required.

The rest of youse can eat your collective hearts out…

Or- as the French say – mangez votre coeur dehors

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No, this is Emma, still baristeuse par excellence at Alberta’s on Mapua wharf.

Things change pretty quickly around here – the restaurant that you really rated last year now has a different name, new owners and might even be a bakery. Or a petrol station.

Ali and Stephen who started Alberta’s a couple of years back have moved on to a) having a life and b) operating Rabbit Island Coffee roasters from the store next door.

But Emma’s still there, making the only flat whites that you can really trust around here and being just…..nice.

Only works weekends these days – spends her weekdays teaching pre-schoolers in Richmond.

So what if they grow up speaking Australian-ese?

Big deal.

I can live with that.

The values that they’ll get from Emma balance out that minor shortcoming heaps….

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GPS -free zone

A Blindingly Flash of the Obvious on Kina peninsula…..

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The Mapua Mother..er..PLuckers…

A not-quite-impromptu concert at Mapua wharf the other Sunday, featuring wall-to-wall ukuleles from as far away as Motueka and as local as these yummy mummies who met on the school run to Mapua School and spontaneously combusted decided to form a ukulele band.

So goes the story, anyway, as related by Ms NTNDP’s yoga instructor, Elaine. (Bird with the cap)

The preceding bands were pretty tame (think: “Michael rowed the boat ashore”…), but this lot were good.

All pretty easy on the eye (or “a positive visual amenity” in Tasman District Council-ese), they kicked off with “Ho Hey” from the Lumineers and finished off with “Wagon wheel”, belting it out as if they really meant it.

Good strong voices, too

Probably comes from yelling at the kids…..

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Speaks Volumes

Nelson was down to one indie bookstore (the excellent Page & Blackmore) until Stella Chrysostomos and Thomas Koed opened (the excellenter) “Volume” (in a building which used to house a radio station – book aka volume = something you turn up on a radio…geddit?) about a year ago.

Small space, fairly sparsely stocked when we last saw it, packed now and everything they have is interesting or beautiful or good and mostly all 3.

And they’re so knowledgeable and cool – been in the trade for years and it simply shows.

One of their customers/friends designs posters for them.

The temptation was too great……

Thomas insisted on reading the same book (“the next shelf down, right a bit, further, that’s it…”) but I thought that Stella could have zipped home and changed for the occasion……

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