And as the sun slowly sinks in the west….


…we say “Farewell” to Mapua, jewel of the Top of the South.

Oil painting by local biologist, Sam, 10 years old

Also the coolest kid on the block.

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Supp up….

The Last Supper

No disciples.

Blue cod, gurnard (order 2 pieces, get 3 for being nice to the girls at The Smokehouse), mussels, scallops, half a scoop.

Glass of Sav, pint of Bone Dry IPA from the Golden Bear.

Takes some beating….

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Last Supper


Alberta’s at Port Mapua.

Where else….?

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Load of….



Or paua, as we say around here.

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Form follows function




Jude Raffils is a really cool guy (who spent his early years up the road) and designed and makes this bottle opener, along with a whole range other well-designed stylish products.

Started out at the Nelson Saturday market (as one does…) and you’ll find his line in high-end design and gift stores all over New Zealand.

It’s so simple.

A piece of native Rimu.

A magnet on the side (to stick it to your fridge)

A classic NZ nail, bent and with the head positioned to lift a bottle top

And another magnet to keep the cap from disappearing under a cupboard.



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Not any more…

30mm last night

That’s the first significant rain for almost 3 months.

Walking on the lawn sounded like walking on cornflakes…

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The New Zealand fantail (Rhipidura fuliginosa) aka pīwakawaka.

We have a pair at the cottage that patrol the deck, zipping up and down between the eaves and scoffing anything insect-like.

They’ll perch on the clothesline and have a chat on occasion

Leave a door open at your peril.

They’ll take up residence until they’ve explored every corner of the house, taking breaks on window latches and lamp cords.

If you’re lucky, they won’t crap on the furniture…..

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