All shagged out

A Phalacrocorax varius having a snooze on Kina beach.

I’m sure I heard some gentle snoring.

Maybe not…..

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Buy local

Eggs from pampered chooks from the nice ladies at the Old Post Office Store in Upper Moutere.

They once didn’t have any.

“Oh, Katie and Owen (Katie Gold, ceramic artist, Owen Bartlett, potter, live across the road) are away. I’ll go and get some from their chooks…”

True story.

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Light milk


Might be an idea to secure it better in future.

Appears to have floated away……

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Barack Obama…..

..would say privately that the first task of an American president in the post-Bush international arena was

“Don’t do stupid shit.”

The Waimea Inlet is the largest enclosed estuary on the South Island.

It’s home to 50 species of water birds, including rare migratory birds.

Why anyone would think that it’s OK to drive a quad on it is beyond me.

That’s just stupid shit.

These tracks will be there for years,,,,

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Family outing

img_3511Torea Pango.

The Variable Oystercatcher (Haematopus unicolor)

Marahau beach.

Somewhere, there are 3996 of the species, the worldwide population being a mere 4000…

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Maria Julkunen has – by her own admission – been a designer/dressmaker/seamstress/fibre artist for the past 20 odd years and currently on the Nelson Saturday Market.

Studied at Kuopion Muotoiluakatemia – Kuopio Academy of Design (which is closer to Russia than it is to Helsinki…) and makes high class kit for well-heeled females.

Meg extols her virtues (and if *anyone* knows fabric, it’s Meg. Believe me.) so she must be pretty good.

I’m expecting to go into sticker-shock any day now.

Clothes look very well finnished, though…

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Car. Power pole.


Folk night.

Moutere Inn, oldest pub in New Zealand, with Cousin Shirl and Tony*.

Somewhere along the Appleby Highway, there’s an altercation between a vehicle and critical infrastructure – the title is the entirety of a Mapua fire brigade incident report of a similar incident – and power’s cut to around 3000 households.

Dave, one of the owners, consoles us as best he can, promising toasted sandwiches if the power comes back (we got it at 8, he got it sometime around midnight).

And the band played on……

Acoustic has its advantages….

  • The last time they fronted up to Folk Night, the same thing happened. Dave’s on the verge of asking them to give it a miss…
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